Alibaster McDonald

Research Strategist at Firebelly Design

Alibaster is a UX strategist, seasoned researcher and hardcore advocate for justice, equity and inclusion. He leads discovery at Firebelly, developing research plans and facilitating workshops while consistently encouraging both colleagues and clients to elevate our efforts toward accessibility. 

Prior to joining Firebelly, Alibaster served as Director of the Chicago Women’s Health Center, a consensus-driven cooperative where he steered initiatives to offer trans-inclusive programming. While pursuing his MBA from UIC, he designed studies and explored solutions for improving Rx adherence in low-access communities and promoting racial equity in the arts. He’s worked closely with local and national clients, from Chicago Freedom School to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, seeking ways to embed human-centered design principles into every facet of an organization, from workflows to web design. He holds a BA in African American Studies, with a minor in Latin American Studies, from the College of Wooster.

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August 1, 2019

Workshop – A Workshop about Workshops
3rd Floor

How might we encourage meaningful conversation and productive tension among diverse stakeholders? How might we create brave spaces, where vulnerability is welcomed and honesty expected? In this session, Firebelly’s strategic team will share practices and principles for facilitating inclusive workshops, leading participants through a few favorite exercises to co-create Working Agreements they can use in their own projects. We’ll learn from each other and reflect on our experiences to sharpen our facilitation skills and head confidently and courageously into our next client workshops.