Kristin Lueke

Strategic Director at Firebelly Design

Kristin is a Virgo, published poet and Strategic Director at Firebelly, a full-service studio focused on Good Design for Good Reason. She leads brand and communication strategy for mission-driven organizations and takes a fearlessly loving approach to DesignOps, believing in her heart of hearts that the quality of our work reflects the quality of our process. 

From spearheading national campaigns for Planned Parenthood to branding scrappy start-ups, she imbues every project with a rigorous, joyful sense of play and precision. Her work has been recognized by the Webbys, Fast Company’s Innovation by Design and Communication Arts. She’s spoken near and far about the need for humility and diversity in design, as well as imposter syndrome among women of color, in the tireless hope that radical honesty spurs conscious, collective action. Kristin holds an AB in English from Princeton and an MA in Humanities and Creative Writing from the University of Chicago.

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August 1, 2019

Workshop – A Workshop about Workshops
3rd Floor

How might we encourage meaningful conversation and productive tension among diverse stakeholders? How might we create brave spaces, where vulnerability is welcomed and honesty expected? In this session, Firebelly’s strategic team will share practices and principles for facilitating inclusive workshops, leading participants through a few favorite exercises to co-create Working Agreements they can use in their own projects. We’ll learn from each other and reflect on our experiences to sharpen our facilitation skills and head confidently and courageously into our next client workshops.